10 things you can do while nursing to increase productivity

10 Things You Can Do While Nursing to Increase Productivity

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As a nursing mama, I know what its like to be stuck in a chair for hours & hours every single day feeding my precious daughter & at times, being a human pacifier. I love this one on one bonding time I have with her & I enjoy every minute of it. However, when the end of the day rolls around, often times I feel like I haven’t accomplished a thing! So I decided to evaluate how I spent my time and took a peek at my phone’s screen time report and was pretty shocked to see I had spent a whopping 20 hours on social media over the past seven days! That’s the equivalent to a part time job, y’all!

So to help curb my time on social media, I’ve written a list of productive things to do while nursing.

1. Check & Respond to Emails

This one is a simple, yet effective way of being productive while barely lifting a finger! More & more places are opting for paperless billing, which means keeping up with your email is more important than ever! If you make a habit of checking your email during at least one nursing session a day, you can easily keep track of bills coming due, upcoming appointments, or, my personal favorite, upcoming sales & deals from Amazon!

2. Fill in your Planner/Calendar

This one works better if you use a digital planner or calendar, but I am able to write in my physical planner when I feed E.K. at the table using a nursing pillow. I find when I prep my planner while nursing, I’m able to focus my time on the things that need to get done when I have those few free moments. I use a physical planner & digital calendar for cross reference. I tend to use my planner for schedules, to-do lists, & holidays/events!

You can see how I use my bullet journal for a cleaning schedule here!

3. Learn a New Language

I’m what some would call a perpetual student. I love to learn! I could stay in school for eternity & be happy. Learning a foreign language has been a personal goal of mine for years & is the perfect way to spend those long nursing sessions. I’m currently learning French on a popular language app. By the time E.K. weans, I’ll probably get to check off that ’30 before 30′ goal just by dedicating five minutes per nursing session!

4. Read

When you’re with a baby all day, brain stimulation is important. Rather than mindlessly scrolling through social media all day, pick up your favorite book & read! I’ve always loved to read, but before giving birth to E.K., I never took the time to do so. Now that I spend so much time nursing, I’ve rediscovered my love of reading! I was even gifted a Kindle for my birthday (thanks, Dad!) and it’s the best thing ever for reading in the middle of the night! It isn’t shockingly bright, so I’m able to use it without preventing the baby from going to sleep. I’m currently attempting to read the Bible through in a year.

Bonus productivity points if you read motivational & self help books! I’ll be posting about that soon, so stay tuned!

5. Download Thinking Games

You know the types: Sudoku, word games, crosswords, anything that keeps the mind sharp! These tend to be the last resort things to do when I’m trying to avoid social media, but they’re great to have to kill time!

6. Make Appointments

That dentist appointment you’ve been meaning to make for the past three months? Call them! There isn’t a more perfect time to tackle the annoying task of calling to make appointments than when you’re just sitting there. Just be sure to prepare beforehand! You don’t want to be asked to provide something & not have it handy. Be sure to grab your insurance card, a pen, & a little notebook to jot down any notes & the appointment time & you’ll be set!

7. Clip Your Little’s Nails

This one may seem a bit silly, but it’s truly the perfect time to multi-task! My daughter often goes to sleep while she’s nursing & I take that opportunity to tackle this awful mama duty. I like doing it this way because I’m able to clip without her yanking her hand around and she’s automatically in a good position to hold her little fingers up. Two birds, one stone.

8. Listen to your Favorite Podcast

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and relax without a screen in your face & listen to a good podcast. Podcasts can be great for motivating & encouraging, which is a must for us tired mamas! While you may not be actually doing something, being encouraged is always a productivity booster when it comes time to take action.

9. Text Your S.O.

Your relationship may not be the 1st thing that comes to mind when you think of productivity, but trust me, it’s relevant. Being productive in your relationship shows your S.O. that they’re still important to you, even during this crazy time of mama-hood. Shoot your S.O. a text telling them how much you love them and how you can’t wait for them to get home from work! I guarantee you’ll be happy with the result of your efforts!

10. Just Sit Back & Enjoy Your Little

No, you may not get everything done. You may not accomplish each goal you set out for the day. But being present & in the moment with your precious baby is the most productive thing you can do in my opinion. I know that this stage of life is so short and I want to enjoy it. And while there’s nothing wrong with using this time to be productive in other areas, don’t forget to stop and be in the moment as well. Trust me, absorbing your little’s love is much more productive than social media.


Is there something you do while nursing that I didn’t mention? Leave me a comment telling me about it! I’m always looking for new ideas!


2 thoughts on “10 Things You Can Do While Nursing to Increase Productivity”

  1. These are great ideas for staying productive while nursing. I wish I had thought to look up ideas for being productive while I was nursing my daughter as a newborn. I watched an unfortunate amount of TV those first few months when I could have been spending more time learning something new.

    I have now been nursing for over 2 years and have come up with quite a few ways to be productive while stuck in a chair. I recently wrote a post with the ideas I’ve gleaned over the past many months of breastfeeding (find that post here: https://mamarissa.com/how-to-increase-productivity-while-nursing/).

    Fortunately, I now generally stay much more productive while nursing instead of losing all that precious time to mindless social media browsing or TV watching!

    1. I definitely fell into the trap of mindless Facebook scrolling way more often than I should have! I’ll check out your post. Thanks for the comment!

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