Cheap date night ideas for when you're broke

Cheap Date Night Ideas for Parents

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Picture this: your hubby comes home on Friday and says, “Honey, get dressed! I’m taking you out on a date night!”

So you excitedly call grandma to babysit, zoom upstairs to shuffle into that one dress you save for special occasions that hasn’t seen the light of day in about 3 years, force your hair to come out of the mom bun, check the bank account real quick (because budgets), & suddenly…

The phone bill was more than expected, your gym payment came out a few days early, & oops! You forgot to cancel that one subscription again.

Yeah, adulting isn’t always fun. Even when we try to plan right by budgeting and eating weekday dinners at home, things just… happen.

But don’t take off that dress just yet! There are still things you can enjoy with your honeybun that cost little to no money while still getting you out of the house with some cheap date night ideas I personally enjoy with my husband!

If you aren’t able to find a babysitter for the kiddos, check out my date night ideas you can do at home!

Cheap date night ideas for when you're broke

Ice Cream Shop

Glass display case containing a variety of ice creams with purple flowers in front

Have you ever read an Archie comic & saw the iconic photo of Archie, Betty, & Veronica drinking a shared milkshake while sitting at Pop’s Chok’lit Shop?

Why not return to dates like that? After dinner at home, head out together to a nearby ice cream or yogurt shop, snag your favorite flavors, & just sit in a comfy booth (same side!) talking like teenagers on their first date!

Mini Golf

Yellow golf ball rolling through a yellow tunnel

There’s nothing like a good competition that says, “I love you, but I’m going to annihilate you.”

Or is that just me & my husband?

Either way, mini-golf AKA putt-putt is a fabulous little date!

It’s something different, brings out a bit of a competitive edge (don’t go overboard & ruin the entire purpose of a date!), & is just plain ole fun.

Hometown Landmarks

Waves crashing onto a beach

Something that I tend to forget about is the fact that I live 20 minutes from a top destination spot.

People from all over flock to our gorgeous beaches & I tend to forget they even exist!

Perhaps there’s a landmark in your area that you tend to forget because you’re a local! If it’s not expensive, why not pretend to be tourists!

Take pictures. Learn the history behind the landmarks. Be amazed at the beauty your own town has to offer!


Large green historic building with white columns and gold accents

One of my absolute favorite cheap date ideas is hitting up a local museum.

We have a particular museum in our area that is free, but it is one of the best museums I’ve ever been to aside from the Smithsonian museums.

Learning something new together can help you grow not only individually but as a couple.

Make it about each other & express your thoughts! Do you think that painting is lame? Wish you could have witnessed that iconic WWII ending kiss? Talk about it!

Not sure where a nearby museum is for your cheap date night? Click here to find museums in your area!

Picnic in the Park

Picnic basket sitting in tall grass topped with a floral napkin, faux pumpkins, a plaid thermos, a coffee cup with a pumpkin, and cookies dusted in powdered sugar

We’re going old school yet again with a cheap picnic date!

Honestly, I believe earlier generations had it right when it came to date ideas.

Pack up a yummy lunch, a big blanket, & head out to a nearby park for an afternoon of lounging together enjoying the warm sunshine! Use your phone to play your favorite songs & lay in the grass holding hands & talking.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

Assortment of vegetables arranged neatly in baskets

What? The thought of your husband at a farmer’s market is laughable?

That’s what I said. And he said. But he went anyway because he loves me.

And you know what? He ended up having a good time with me.

Sometimes doing unconventional things end up being the most fun things! So drag your manly man to the farmer’s market & have some fun! Look at the weird veggies & buy that random fruit you’ve never heard of!

Make it even more interesting & have the both of you choose 2 random items, then head home for your own version of Chopped! End result = a (hopefully) yummy dinner made with fresh produce you’ve never tried!


Bowling balls sitting in the ball return

Obvious? Yep. Cheap? Sometimes.

Check out your local bowling alley & find out if they have discount nights!

Often times they offer good rates on their slower nights meaning you & hubs can test out that competitive drive on a dime.

Okay, I’m going to be straight up. A vast majority of my favorite cheap date nights (really just dates in general) involve just sitting down somewhere with my husband & enjoying his company.

Talking to him & laughing together helps keep the love alive. Because anyone that’s been married for any amount of time knows that the lovey-dovey feeling fluctuates. It just does. That’s life!

Things like date nights are just one of the ways to keep those sparks alive! Don’t let a low budget keep you from enjoying those precious & important nights together! If you can’t get away, then have a date night at home!

Just don’t overlook the need to connect with your spouse regularly. It’s so important.

Because when the kids are grown, the business has been sold, and the skincare routine can no longer hide the wrinkles, it’ll be you & the man you’ve chosen to grow old with!

And that is something to look forward to in my opinion!

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God bless!

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