The Beginner Homemaker Series Part 1: Create a Routine

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To the domestic rookie; to the completely lost stay at home mom; to the lost housewife; Welcome to my series “The Beginner Homemaker”!

This is a series for people like me who had no clue how to be a homemaker!

I have always struggled with procrastination, a trait which does not mix well with being a homemaker!

I’ll put off laundry for one day and suddenly we’re out of towels, the hamper is overflowing, and a mountain to fold.

Yikes. Not good!

I’ve had to learn a lot of things about being a homemaker along the way and I’m going to share what I’ve learned with you.

Am I an expert now? Simply put: NO. Absolutely not. I’m still learning.

But I have figured out a few tips and things that make homemaking a little easier and I’m going to share those tips with you in this beginner homemaking series!

Over the following weeks, I will be making posts on the following topics:

• Creating a routine that works (yes, even with a young child)

• Breaking down the roles of a homemaker into digestible pieces

• Cleaning schedule

• Meal planning

• Budgeting on a single income

• Entertaining your kids (even if you’re exhausted)

Creating a routine to make being a homemaker easier is important! Check out how I use block scheduling to organize and schedule my hectic stay at home mom life

Part 1: Set a Routine

This first part is simple but it’s so crucial. Make a routine.

You’ll find it’s so much easier to get things done when you have a specific time set aside to do all the things on your never ending to do list!

I have a young child who is very clingy and doesn’t nap well.

Making a rigid time based schedule just doesn’t work for my current situation.

Instead, I created my on version of a block system.

My Block Schedule

Most block systems go off of time.

My block system goes off of my daughter’s wake ups and naps.

I do set specific time for me to get up and go to sleep, but otherwise I keep it flexible.

Here is how I break it down:

First Block

My first block is the time between me waking up and my daughter waking up.

This typically includes for me:

• Make my bed

• Wash my face

• Stretch

• Start a load of laundry

• Read my Bible

• Drink coffee

• Enjoy the quiet

Second Block

My second block is breakfast time.

This includes:

• Prepare breakfast

• Feed my daughter

• Eat breakfast myself

• Empty the dishwasher

• Clean up from breakfast

Third Block

My third block is the time between breakfast and EK’s nap.

This varies often depending on what is on my to do list, but can look something like this:

• Complete daily chore while EK plays independently

• Activity with EK

• Transfer laundry

• Lunch (approx 2-3 hours after breakfast)

• Go outside weather permitting

• Slow down 15 minutes before nap time

Fourth Block/Nap Block

The next block is the nap block.

I am nap trapped during this block. I still can use this time to be productive by doing one or more of the following:

• Blog tasks

• Online classes

• Write

• Create printables

Fifth Block

Next block will be between nap time and dinner time.

This generally includes:

• Snack immediately after waking

• Playtime with mommy

• Fold and put away laundry during independent play

• Prep dinner

Sixth Block/Dinner Block

Dinner time is the next block.

This includes:

• Eating dinner of course

• Catching up with my spouse

• Cleaning up after dinner

Seventh Block

Next block is from the end of dinner time until EK’s bedtime.

This one includes:

• Bath time for EK

• Playtime with daddy while mommy relaxes or finishes last minute tasks

• Start bedtime routine

Eighth Block

The final block is the nighttime block which is between EK’s bedtime and my bedtime.

This includes:

• Going through the house and gathering things out of place

• Putting toys away

• Shower and PM face care routine

• Starting the dishwasher if needed

• Cleaning the kitchen sink

• Spending time with my husband

Routine Tips

One thing I’ve learned in making my routine is that it’s important to

1. Not overload each block! It’s a given that you won’t always get to every single item in every block, but don’t set yourself up for failure before you begin. Be realistic with your time.

2. Give yourself a bit grace time. This ties in which #1, but it’s so important. Make sure to have areas in your routine that are blank! Meaning that if something comes up (and they always do), your day isn’t completely shot because you’ve planned for the unexpected!

Don’t worry if you struggle maintaining a routine at first. I did too! Just work through it and figure out the biggest area you’re struggling with. Take it one day at a time and most importantly: keep trying!

Next week, I will cover how to break down the different roles of a homemaker into more digestible pieces.

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Until next week,

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