new mom's quick guide to self-care

The New Mom’s Quick Guide to Self-Care

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If you’re a mama, you’re also a cook, nurse, teacher, counselor, and housekeeper just to name a few. Being a mama is a pretty intense job! Add in the fact that it’s 24/7 and that equals one tired human being. Babies (& sometimes even toddlers) often keep us up all night. Toddlers keep us running & on our toes constantly. Kids have all the questions & energy to boot. Yes, it’s the most rewarding job on the planet, but sometimes, we just get plain tired.

Self-care is so important for everyone, & especially for mamas. It’s way too easy to get burnt out on being the literal glue for everyone else while getting hardly any breaks for yourself. Bathe the kids, feed the family, play with the kids, make sure the kids feel loved, make time for your relationship, keep up with bills, keep up with classes (college mama here, yay!)… it is EXHAUSTING! Getting to that point of “I’m about to drop” comes pretty quick if we don’t take time to care for ourselves! Keep reading for some ideas on quick & simple, yet effective, self-care for mamas (or anyone who needs a quick break).

Take a Hot Shower

Okay, this may seem like a basic, everyday task, but honestly how many times have we had to put ourselves on the back burner, including our own hygiene for the sake of everyone else? Let someone else watch the kids & take that shower! Shave your legs (you know it’s been way too long..), do a face scrub & mask, use a sugar scrub on your legs, wash your hair, & just relax. Take in the steam & let the stress melt away.

If there’s no one around to watch the kids, don’t worry! When I’m in this situation but desperately need a shower, I drag my girl’s bouncer into the bathroom with me & put her by the shower where I can see her. If you have a toddler, bring that pack ‘n’ play in there! No, it’s not too much effort! You are worth the effort! So go for it, mama!

Go for a Walk

Grab the stroller & get moving! Sometimes E.K. & I both begin feeling closed in at home & when that happens, we head outside for a walk! Now it is pretty hot here right now in Florida, but mornings & evenings are great for some fresh air & sunshine! Vitamin D & exercise both do wonders at improving my mood, so I try to take a walk as often as I can. I’ll be doing a walking challenge soon to help lose some baby weight! Stay tuned for that!

Pull Out an Old Hobby

Before becoming a mom, I had so many creative outlets. I did watercolor painting, brush lettering, graphic design, made & sold shirts, & I kept a bullet journal. Since having E.K., most of those things have been pushed aside since they take a good bit of time which I no longer have. When I get a few spare minutes to myself, I like to pull out my bullet journal and make a new page or two. Now obviously not everyone has a bullet journal but think back to pre-baby days. Is there a hobby you had that can be done in 30 or so minutes? Drag it back out!! You’ll be surprised by how much it’ll make you feel like an individual again, not just a mom.

Read a Chapter

Something about getting lost in a good book helps clear the mind & allow you to escape to another world for a while. I have always loved reading & I try to make it a point to at least read one book a month. That doesn’t always happen, but I do my best to keep up with it. Don’t use this time to read parenting books, either! If you need a break, take a break. Read your favorite motivational book or novel. Read something new! Whatever it is, make sure it’s worth spending your precious time on.

If you enjoy fantasy, I recommend the Grisha trilogy!

Do Some Online Shopping

I may get in trouble from some husbands for this one. I say OH WELL! Open that Amazon app & SHOP! Even if you just save some things to your wishlist, it’s fun to look! And bonus, you then have a list of things you want when it comes time for Christmas & your birthday! Again, look for things for you!! I’m reiterating this because I know how we mamas are! We buy buy buy for our precious babes (as we should) & put ourselves on the back burner. But I am fully giving you permission to buy something for you!

Pray & Meditate

When I need to just breathe & I feel completely overwhelmed & no one understands me… I stop & pray. Talking to God never fails to help clear my mind & give me a sense of peace just when I need it. He understands when no one else does & He is always listening.

All in all, it’s crucial to get some time to ourselves! If you have a good support system, don’t be scared to call them! Let them take over for an hour or two & take some time to yourself! If you don’t have someone around to help, check out my post on things to do while nursing. It may not be alone time, but I do suggest things to help stay productive in other areas!

Self-care is an important part of being a good mama. You can’t be there for your babe if you can barely think straight. So take that walk, read that book, & just breathe! It’ll be okay! What do you do in your precious spare time? Leave me a comment & let me know!

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  1. I love al, of this! Self care is so important for moms, it we often out ourselves last and don’t prioritize enough to do it. Thanks for the tips! Thanks for the reminder to revisit an old hobby. I’ve been struggling with my identity as more than a mom lately, so I think that will help me a lot!

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